Clutch / Transmission Parts

Advantages of PHC Valeo SET/KIT

PHC Valeo has developed SET / KIT products for years, in order to provide various benefits for our customers. The benefits our customers can have from SET / KIT products are as below.

  • SET : Disc, Cover
  • KIT : Disc, Cover, Bearing


Enhanced Reliance

Customers can avoid any possible problem that could be caused by disharmony among parts manufactured by different makers since SET/KIT includes all the clutch components including clutch disc, cover and bearing.

Better Profit

SET / KIT products are expected to be more profitable for both distributors and drivers. Distributors can secure more sales by selling 3 components at a time while drivers can save their efforts by replacing the 3 components at one time.


IATF 16949 / ISO 14001/ OHSAS 18001

SET/KIT Assembly

  • Set : Disc + Cover
    Clutch SET
  • Kit: Disc + Cover + Bearing
    Clutch KIT

Box Details

Brand logos are flexible depending on the market.

  • Passenger vehicle box

Label Details

Label Details

Clutch Installation Guide

Clutch Removal

  • Mark drive shafts to match up on reassembly.
  • Fully support transmission making sure that it’s securely fastened to transmission stand. Do not allow gearbox to hang on the input shaft.
  • Remove gearbox directly backward but not diagonally.
Clutch Removal
For Best Results
For Best Results
  • Install new release bearing and pilot bearing/bushing whenever installing a new clutch
  • Replace clutches as KIT
  • Surface of the pressure plate & flywheel should be even or flat.

Inspection & Checkpoint

Checking abnormality before replacement is important, i.e. checking hydraulics, bearing, clutch cable, oil leakage etc.
Make sure new products are exactly for your application.
If try to engage any same size clutch to your mission,

A. facing
No oil or contamination on facing is allowed.
B. clutch disc
Check spline teeth or flywheel runout.
Apply 'little' grease on teeth and drive shaft spline.
C. flywheel
Check overheating crack, scoring, warping and contact surface(with facing) flatness.
D. input shaft
Check spline wear. Apply little grease on the teeth.
E. release bearing
Remove old grease/Apply thin grease. New bearing must slide freely.
Apply thin grease on fork pivot and fingers. Ensure smooth operation.


  • Make flywheel/pressure plate/disc facing absolutely clean(No dust or rust using solvent or cleaner)
  • Use alignment tool to correctly align the disc to flywheel.
  • Assemble cover to flywheel dowel holes. Tighten bolts evenly according to diagonal order.
    Flywheel to crank(8 bolts)53 ft. lbs.
  • Install transmission housing carefully. Input shaft slowly with care as first picture shown above.
    DO NOT FORCE or use the tightening of the bell housing bolts to draw transmission to the engine block.
    Rotate input shaft if necessary to align splines.
    DO NOT HANG transmission jack lift, during installation.
  • Refer to the vehicle manufacturer's specifications for correct adjustment of the clutch.
  • After adjusting clutch pedal release distance and hydraulics, take a load test.

Production process

The Highest Quality for Customer Satisfaction

PHC Valeo has made unstinting investment in equipment to manufacture the best product for customer's satisfaction. We're realizing zero defects through building the newest cutting-edge automatic production system and production management which all processes are visible.

Also, we provide the optimal working environment with locating the equipment ergonomically for the workers. We have especially raised the efficiency of the working environment and lowered the dangers, utilizing CoBot. That is, we offer the optimal working environment which is the base of manufacturing products of zero defects.

Safety precautions

Handle with care
Do not drop or touch with oily hands.
Check for smooth installation
Check if the disc slides smoothly into the shaft before final assembly.
Remove excess grease
Remove any excess grease on the input shaft coming out through the disc hub.
Diagonal bolt tightening
Gradually tighten the bolts in diagonal directions.
Check alignment of clutch and transmission
Check the alignment of the clutch set, especially the disc: do not force the disc onto the shaft.


  • Do not use this clutch for racing, high performance driving, hot rodding, or any situation whenever engine RPMs may exceed manufacturer's specifications for the engine.
  • The pressure plate can explode unexpectedly causing serious injury or death to vehicle occupants and bystanders.
  • The clutch cover and bell housing will not protect from exploding the pressure plate.
  • Always use the recommended clutch set for your specific application.