Clutch / Transmission Parts

PHC Valeo Hydraulics

  • PHC Valeo develops and manufactures all kinds of Hydraulic products which transfers pedal pressure to the clutch.
  • It’s applicable to transmission design conditions of all vehicles as one oil port is variable to various degrees.
  • We have reduced cost and weight, increased strength and sealing by using plastic material.

Advantages of PHC Valeo Hydraulics

Excellence performance

PHC Valeo hydraulics are possible to reduce pedal effort by the ratio of the cross sections of the master cylinder and the release cylinder. The hydraulics are mostly applied to passenger cars with a diesel engine and exhibits excellence performance in reducing vibration, particularly in the frequency range of 100Hz to 300Hz. It's applicable to transmission design conditions of all vehicles as one oil port is variable to various degrees. The position of the cable is compensated without requiring cable adjustment even if the clutch facing wears. The pedal effort is transmitted accurately without causing a problem of cable extension and subsequent loss of transmission efficiency.

Easy maintenance and low maintenance cost

PHC Valeo hydraulics consist of three parts, cylinder body, piston, and cup, and is composed of a pipe connecting CMC and CRC, so the number of parts is small and the structure is simple. It’s possible to maintain easily and reduce cost & weight and at the same time, increase strength using plastic material.

Improve the comfort of a drive

A hydraulic system consists of a master cylinder, piping, release bearing and a release cylinder. Besides, a hydraulic damper is installed in the control part to improve the comfort of the driver by reducing vibration and noise that occurs in the engine and the transmission.

Excellence performance in reducing vibration

The hydraulic damper is a device to reduce the vibration and noise from the engine and the transmission felt by the driver through pedal.


IATF 16949 / ISO 14001/ OHSAS 18001

Functions & Types of Hydraulics

CMC(Clutch Master Cylinder)

PHC Valeo CMC operates to transfer the pressure by producing oil pressure when the clutch pedal is operating. It's fixed on the dash panel and connected to the clutch pedal as a link structure clutch master cylinder. The CMC has a function of injecting oil from the oil tank into the hydraulic system. It has an ability to supplement insufficient oil. It releases the negative pressure generated inside the CMC.

CMC Type

  • Conventional type(C-type)
  • Plunger type(P-type)
  • Center-valve type(G-type)
  • Nabco type(N-type)

CRC(Clutch Release Cylinder)

PHC Valeo CRC is a device that cuts or transfers the power of an engine by pushing the release fork with oil pressure produced from CMC. The CRC is fixed on the clutch side of T/M housing and assembled with a clutch release fork.

CSC(Concentric Slave Cylinder)

PHC Valeo CSC increases the efficiency of the system and reduces the number of parts by combining functions of CRC, Release Fork, and Release Bearing to strive. The CSC is a high tech module product that has high efficiency, low abrasion and no sliding noise, increases durability and prevents leaks that may occur when filling the fluid. It's installed on T/M Housing between T/M and Clutch. Plus, oil Pressure production from CMC operates piston of CSC to control the clutch by moving the release bearing attached to the piston, by moving the clutch diaphragm spring.
* 4P Kit : Disc + Cover + R/Bearing or CSC + Flywheel

Marking & Details on Hydraulics

Marking & Details on Hydraulics

Box Details

Brand logos are flexible depending on the market.

  • Passenger vehicle box

Label Details

Label Details

Production process

The Highest Quality for Customer Satisfaction

PHC Valeo has made unstinting investment in equipment to manufacture the best product for customer's satisfaction. We're realizing zero defects through building the newest cutting-edge automatic production system and production management which all processes are visible.

Also, we provide the optimal working environment with locating the equipment ergonomically for the workers. We have especially raised the efficiency of the working environment and lowered the dangers, utilizing CoBot. That is, we offer the optimal working environment which is the base of manufacturing products of zero defects.